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    Company Introduction:

    A wholly-owned company invested by Hong Kong Pretty Lady  International Trading Co., Ltd,founded in 2004, The company registered 20.8 million yuanGuangdong Pretty Lady Wedding Dress Co., Ltd. (formerly Chaozhou Beauty Fashion Co., Ltd.) is a high-end wedding dress enterprise integrating design, manufacture, and export trade (licensed import and export cooperation), located in Xihe Road, Chaozhou. It serves as Vice President unit of Chaozhou Garment Industry Association. President of ChaoZhou City Wedding Dress Association.The company signed the “Framework Agreement for Collaborative Innovation Development” with the local university as a base for production, study, and research.Cooperation framework agreement with Shenzhen Fashion Designers Association, invited to participate in the 2018 China Shenzhen International Fashion Technology Week fashion technology wedding dress show.

     It owns three branches, namely: Guangdong Pretty Lady Wedding Dress CO., Ltd. Xiangqiao Branch, Guangdong Pretty Lady Wedding Dress CO., Ltd. XixinBranch. Guangdong Pretty Lady Wedding Dress CO., Ltd. Chengxi Branch

    Guangdong Pretty Lady Wedding Dress Co., Ltd. was listed on Shanghai Equity Exchange on November 18, 2015. It is the first wedding dress enterprise listed in Chaozhou City (Shanghai Equity Code: 207926). The successful listing of the company has transformed the company from product management to capital management, from indirect financing to direct financing, leading the company to embark the path of internationalization.


    Production capacity and professional integration: 

    Our products sell well in dozens of countries and regions in the world, and exports reached about 100,000 pieces each year.Annual export volume and tax payment to the country are among the best in the local industry. It was rated as a important enterprise in the local area.In recent years, we have gradually opened up the domestic market. We provide haute couture for CCTV hosts, celebrities and singers, as well as wedding and evening dresses for domestic and international supper models and various auditions across the country.Our Company not only produces wedding dresses and evening dresses, but also expands into the men's wear field in recent years. And cooperate with many famous men's clothing brands in China.Design, production and sales of suits and uniforms. 

    Providing quality customized services for many enterprises and institutions

    Company management:

    The company brings together all kinds of talents. It has a professional sales team, passionate and creative designers, and supportive technical staff. This strong and effective group form the heart of the company.


    Design and technology:

    The company employs British, Italian and American designers to assist in product design.We are honored to have Jiaqi Xie, one of the top ten fashion designer in China, as the Design Director. The company owns 11 valid intellectual properties, including 1 invention patent and 10 software works. In 2018, our company selected the second batch of national high-tech enterprises .Cooperated with STARCODE Fashion Technology Co,Ltd .As the first brand of technology wedding dress in the world ,STARCODE design team ,established byMr.Chenlin Zhang,SecretaryGeneral of Council of Fashion Designers of ShengZhen,is chaired by Mr.ShannonHoover from Canada ,who is the co-founder of the world-renowned fashion tech maker organization Makefashion ,WearLabs and Calgary Maker Faire .With international vision and technology ,as well as a keen sense of fashion and practicality,the two dimensions of fashion and technology are perfectly combined .In 2017, our company received the Industrial Contribution Award and Best Wedding Dress Award in China (Chaozhou) International Wedding Dress Week.And in 2018 ,The 124rd Canton Fair won many awards such as the most distinctive brand award of the original design fashion show.

    The company vision:

    Become the largest wedding dress custom brand and wedding dress supplier at home and abroad. 

    The brand mission:

      Leading domestic and international fashion trends, providing excellent products, reasonable price, satisfactory wedding dresses, and perfect after-sales service. 


          1. Customer first: Treat customers with sincerity and proactively solve problems for customers.

          2. Meeting the challenge: The only constant is innovation. Keep up with the times and follow the trend.

          3. Dare to take responsibility: reject any excuses, continuously improve and improve work efficiency, and be responsible for the results.

          4. Teamwork: Sharing and sharing. Cherish and grateful to each other and build a positive team spirit.

    Personal Introduction:

    Zhan Jianpeng (James)

    必威betway88663_必威精装版官网下载_betway必威手机版官网|官网主页 Chairman Of Board,Brand Founder, Design Director


    Vice President Of Guangdong chaozhou International Chamber of Commerce

    Vice President Of Guangdong Chaozhou Garment Industry Association

    Executive Vice President of Chaozhou E-Commerce Chamber of Commerce

    Vice President of Chaozhou City Wedding Dress Association

    Vice President Of Global Hipster Innovation Economy Promotion Association

    Peking University EMBA

    Peking Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business